We have a small home cattery of Maine Coon cats. We are located in Trzebinia in Malopolska (Lesserpoland).
There were always all sorts of pets in our home. We've had rodents, fish, dogs, and cats including majestic Pers anf regular domestic ones, some of them rescued, some of them found.

Several years ago to a cat show in Krakow and that is were we saw the Maine Coon for the first time. We were amazed with their impressive aooearance and size. Soon we had our first cat of this breed living with us. We bought it as a so called "lap cat".

It turned out that he has got incredible character; he is balanced, sociable, as well as intelligent and curious. He won everybody's hearts in our family.

All of our cats are members of the family. Spending time on our company, they are never isolated in different rooms. They live surround with love and care. We take after them and it is important for us that all can live long healthy lives. They are regulary immunized and checked for FIV and FelV as well as for HCM.

Our breed is registered at Klub Felinologiczny in Krakow under the auspices of Felis Polonia witch is the representative of FIFE for Poland.

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Katarzyna i Andrzej Januszowie

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